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MANN M21 Condenser Microphone

When it comes to designing a large format condenser microphone, a good result represents a thoughtful balance of many potentially conflicting issues. Questions such as uniform frequency response between samples, flat response as opposed to sonic color and reliable performance against price were all foremost in the minds of the designers of the Mann M21.

The Mann M21 is a stunning example of what is achieved when the right balance has been achieved.

To give the M21 the harmonic edge, the Mann engineers reintroduced an old and almost forgotten technology from the earliest days of multi track recording; the audio transformer. This weighty device was replaced in the late 60's by the FET transistor. It was cheaper to build and helped to make the circuits smaller. However a correctly manufactured audio transformer based input stage has a desirable effect on the upper even order harmonic register. The result is sonically satisfying tonal characteristics that are particularly suited to the present day digital recording environment.


Structural strength was an important priority. Whether in the studio or high stress environments such as outside broadcasting, the M21 is built to a standard of robustness normally associated with products destined for the road. However the high order harmonic sensitivity of the capsule will add uncoloured definition to percussion and stringed acoustic instruments, massed vocal groups and even spoken dialogue applications.

The 48 volt powered M21 capsule is a pressure gradient transducers that has been designed to minimise resonance within the diaphram. Rich bass response is a key feature of the M21 sound, but this is not at the sacrifice of defined mid-range. Vocal program is accurate with generous transient capability thanks to the latest in polyester fifer diaphram technology.

Like all Mann condenser capsules, Consistent frequency response from sample to sample is at the fore front of industry standards and uniformity is guaranteed.

MANN M21 1/3 Octave MANN M21 condensor mic. - Frequency decay over time

M21 Microphone specifications

Mann M21 Standard & Bass Rolloff Plot

Transducer Type:
Frequency Response:
Polar Pattern:
Sensitivity at 1,000 Hz:
SPL for 1% THD:
S/N Ratio (A-weighted)
Electrical Impedance:
Dynamic Range:
Power requirement:

condenser pressure type
20 - 20000HZ
10m V/Pa -36dB
200 ohms
9-52 Vdc
XLR 3 pin male connector
black matte finish

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