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Products: MT91

MANN MT91 Condenser Microphone

A microphone of exceptional tonal character, the MT91 represents the ideal combination of qualities found in the world's top classic microphones.

Contemporary systems of computer modeling together with traditional tube design practice gives 21st century performance while retaining the warm harmonic qualities that made the old classic models so popular in today's digital domain. Lower noise, more headroom, and better dynamic range along with enhanced durability is what set the MT91 apart in today's broad field of alternatives.

The MT91 is assembled from the finest matched components available and each microphone is computer tested with full anechoic test results supplied with each unit. Any finished unit not fully conforming to the strict model is returned for extra attention or rejected. This guarantees that a recording session with one MT91 can be continued with another.

The designers of the MT 91 started with a clean sheet of paper and the results speak for themselves. The harmonic tonality is in the class of the most expensive microphones though it is not merely trying to emulate them. Whether vocals or acoustic instruments, the MT91 captures the body and power while still delivering sweet delicate harmonics so difficult to capture on many stringed instruments. This can occur without worrying about super precise placement, as the multi pattern power supply/controller can be adjusted to deal with the most troublesome acoustic environments.

The dual-diaphragm vacuum gold spluttered capsule is a modern revitalization of a worthy forerunner. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, only the capsule closely conforming to the blueprint model makes it to a finished product. Lack of attention to this detail is where most studio microphones suffer consistency problems.

MT91 internal pic

Another problem can relate to component tolerance and individual tube properties.
The MT 91 pre-amp and power supply are assembled from the best low tolerance components available and precisely matched to minimize drift over the lifetime of the microphone. Considerable headroom results from the fact that all parts selected are working at a fraction of their maximum voltages. This especially apples to the output transformer, which due to its substantial proportions, will not saturate causing undesirable coloration of low frequencies. All this attention to detail is not just for enhanced sonic quality, it assists in lowering the noise floor to one of the lowest available in an active microphone.

The MT 91's unique tonal properties make it a useful addition to any engineer/producer's microphone collection. On the other hand, the natural odd order harmonic suppression of the MT91 and superb vocal character makes it a good choice for the recordist who only wants a mic collection of one.


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